The Joys of Experiencing Christmas by the Sea Revealed

Have you ever had Christmas by the sea? It’s a wonderful touristic experience that goes against the usual cliché of having a Winter Wonderland or chestnuts roasting over an open flame of a fireplace while Christmas lights are shining on your Christmas pine tree with colorful presents underneath it. While Santa wearing a bathing suit as he surfs towards your pine hut is a funny visual, having a seaside Christmas brings forth more than just comedy. It can be quite romantic or offer wholesome fun for the entire family depending on the context. You can go to places like Camden, Maine in order to give your winter holidays a different tropical flavor to it. Camden has been holding a festival called “Christmas by the Sea” every winter for the last 20 years.

A Special and Unique Winter Event

* Although it’s as unusual as having a summer vacation at the Alps, having Christmas by the sea somewhat makes sense. Birds go south for the winter, so why not tourists? Camden isn’t necessarily the south, but you can avoid the wintry chills of the “Brrr” months of October, November, and December by going to Camden and enjoying the businesses of the neighboring communities of Rockport and Lincolnville.

* The sea can get quite cold in Christmas, but the warmth of the people and the holiday spirit (as well as some delicious hot cocoa) will most certainly keep you comfortably toasty while indulging in traditionally summertime activities in Christmas such as swimming, surfing, sun tanning, and sandcastle building. You can also enjoy the Christmas Parade of Camden that travels from the city’s downtown district all the way to Harbor Park.

* “Santa” himself has done away with his sleigh this time around, traveling with “Ellen the Elf” as his helper in his festive lobster boat (instead of his traditional sleigh and magical flying reindeer) in order to give beachside residents some tropical Christmas cheer. He’s “available” for photo ops in both Lincolnville and Camden. He’s also known to show up at the Camden Public Library in order to give the children of Camden a treat by reading them various Christmas stories.

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